Love Options: Old and Sexy or Young and Fat

Who would you choose to be in a relationship with, old but sexy men or women or young but fat? Another question was asked to me by a group of friends. They really are giving me a hard time answering their poll questions. If you think about the question, it’s quite tricky and you find it hard to choose between the two! Some would definitely choose an old yet sexy one, for some reason people are practical and would want to end up with someone good looking. Not to mention that these old yet sexy people have money because they were able to maintain such figure at an old age. Some may have done surgeries and surgeries nowadays costs so much! Some transgender friends of mine said they’d want old people yet sexy because they are going to spend so little time in the world. So mean and so harsh but that was their opinion.

My opinion is based not on my experience but with thorough analysis. I admit at first I really don’t know which is to choose mainly because I haven’t tried it. Usually, we answer situational questions basing on our experiences. I asked a couple of people close to me about this topic while I have an answer in my mind. I wanted to make sure my answer as somehow, right. The majority of them have the same answer as me. I choose the young and fat! Why? When I am in a relationship I always make sure that I really liked that person not just by the way they look but how they are when you talk to them. And in this particular question, I’d go for a young man yet fat. It sounds so gross right? But is it gross too when you try to hook up with the same age as your grandfather? I have huge respect for older people. Whenever I see old men but very fit, I admire them. I admire how much effort they put into making themselves look younger by their physique. That’s good they’re healthy but not my kind of man. I can’t sleep thinking about that if ever that happened to me. Having a relationship with an old man? That’s far too impossible. Having a relationship with a young yet fat is a challenge. I would not really care if he’s fat as long as he has a good and genuine heart. And besides, we can always find ways of making him thinner. I can encourage him to exercise and I can even help him with his diet by cooking healthy food for him. He is young remember? So we all have the time in the world to look for ways in making him healthy.

Beyond that, if it’s true love, nothing matters at all. Love conquers all! It really doesn’t matter if he’s old or fat as long as you truly love him. Love for me is accepting the person you love. Love doesn’t look you in the eye making sure you look exquisite but it cuts deep in your heart. There are millions of lovers out there who eventually fell in love with people who are old or fat. They’ve shown enough courage to show to the world how much they love each other by accepting their faults, pasts and looks.

What do you think?


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