Children’s Love Languages

I have been reading the book Momand loving it! And I really do love it! Though I should have finished this book a few months ago after a friend of mine gave this book to me but I was always busy with something. That’s a good thing actually, to be busy every day, not a moment is lost. Anyway, this book was a gift from a close friend who happens to appreciate books. He often reads but he likes self help books more than novels. This is actually the second book he gave me; the first one was good too! I rarely have books about self help because I seldom read them thinking I don’t need help from a book. Which is definitely wrong? That changed when I took time to read this book about parenting. It helped me broaden my mind in better understanding my partner’s ability and especially my children. We all have different kinds of fuss going on with our lives, with our kids and it felt like a burden sometimes a punishment! Laurie and Sharon, the authors of the book, made me deeply understand the depth of being a mother to my children. Reading this book is fun, it is practical and refreshing! They provide real help and fun things to do with the family. They even emphasized greater connection with God, on how making Him the center of our family. I love it; everything I need to know about raising my children is here. One of the many things I learned from this book was identifying the five specific languages of love each of our children has. There is a book written by Gary Chapman and Rose Campbell about the Five Love Languages of Children, which originated the idea about this love language. I haven’t thought children to have that distinct ability in them until I’ve read through what Laurie and Sharon shared. In case you haven’t learned about it yet, I am excited to share this with you! Rearing a child is difficult and it is the toughest job there is! I believe this will help us better understand our children. You’ll be amazed when you discover your child’s love language as I did with my children. This gives us insights on our children and think about what each of your child enjoys doing the most.

Gift giving

You notice your child with this kind of love language if she constantly gives you something. Anything your child treasures like flowers, stickers, pebbles, rocks, or anything special to her she will give it to you. And in this kind of love language, according to the book, for you to answer this kind of love you should give back little treasures as well. It is not necessary to give expensive gifts as long as you find it special. Just a little something that says I love you is enough to let them know you speak her language or you understand her.

Words of Encouragement

If you notice your child who keeps on asking you how she looks or how she did in her school play is a Words of Encouragement child. And this child needs a lot of encouragement or positive verbal affirmation from you. Encourage her before she asks for it.

Quality Time

This child loves to do things with the family like doing crafts or playing games. They love you to stop and spend a one-on-one time with her. If your child loves to watch Finding Nemo, go and watch with her. Even though you find it annoying to the point of watching it over and over again, it assures her of your affection.

Acts of Service

If your child always does things for you, she’s speaking the acts of service language of love. She often volunteers to wash the dishes or make up beds. She even surprises you with what she did, thinking she’ll make you happy. With this kind of language your child has, offer a chore for her to do, she will love it.

Touch and Affection

I find my little girl Summer a touch and affection kid. She often clings to me or her father for hugs. She loves to tickle, snuggle and laughs so hard when we kiss and hug her. If it’s too early to determine her love language, as of now she fits into this kind of love language. I learned that if your child speaks this kind of language you have to initiate love and affection into her life. Some parents think they’ll be smothered with so much affection already but cuddling before and after sleeping won’t hurt.

I noticed the same thing with Summer and Laurie’s daughter, who whines and cries every time she gets up in the morning or from a nap. Her cries made me so annoyed that sometimes I yell at her to stop from crying. I really had no idea at all on what she was trying to say to me. She’s still 2 years old and she barely speaks yet and this is such a great help. I noticed the difference when she’s about to wake up, I snuggled right next to her. I showered her with kisses and hugs and I noticed her smiling with her eyes closed! After that moment, she got up smiling and not crying or screaming. I find it a miracle and a great help! I wouldn’t have figured it out without the book’s help.

If you’re interested in reading this book, you can borrow mine or buy this book titled, Momand loving it! of Laurie Lovejoy Hilliard and Sharon Lovejoy Autry. The book is not just about our children but also about our dear partners. They teach on how to better understand our partner’s way of rearing our children and more!

Being a mom is not a burden, it is the best gift God has given me and I am forever grateful.




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