True Love: Letting go or Holding on

Love a strong positive emotion of regard and affection towards someone.

I stumbled upon this topic in one of the groups I happened to join on Facebook. When it comes to love or if one talks about love, most of us wanted to eavesdrop. One member asked who we think loves the most, the person who is holding on or the person who is willing to let go. This is one of the toughest questions I’ve ever encountered! When I read through the entire member’s opinion with regards to this matter, it’s quite flattering. Some say that the person who holds on is the person who loves the most. Holding on with the relationship is one way of making it work. Both lovers should stand up for their love no matter what.

In my own opinion, the one who lets go is by far the one who loves the most. Letting go of the person you love is a sacrifice, for them to be happy. It’s a selfless act that requires enough courage to do so. Pushing the other person to feel the same way for you is selfish. You’ll live a miserable life knowing one day you’re going to lose the other person to someone else, eventually, because the feeling isn’t mutual.  Letting go shows how much you are willing to sacrifice. The person who lets go is more subjective to change and mature enough in balancing or coping up with so much pain. While on the other hand, if we keep on holding on, we don’t know exactly how long. We don’t know how long exactly our holding on would last, especially if the situation involves a third party. That could be a different person, it could be a feud with a family member who doesn’t like your relationship or they just fell out of love. There is really no use of holding on when all these things are in between.

Let’s take into a consideration that you did hold on and went well. But I tell you, it wouldn’t last that long. There will be no trust at all; you’ll grow a doubtful heart because you know in the first place their heart was never yours. Your partner did hold on to the relationship but their feelings would die down because they’d feel like they’re being controlled. You’ll argue and fight more often bringing back the past and it would be a big slap on your face when you’ll hear them blame you for everything that happened. If only you’d let them go it would never have happened. Ouch!

And besides, it is not called love anymore if you’re pushing someone to love you. It is called selfishness. You might think their feelings would change if you keep on holding on but nay! They sure agreed to keep it that way because somehow they feel pity on you. Pity does not love. It never is and never will. Instead of holding on, try to accept the reality and face it. Learn to let go because if you truly love that person you will give everything to make them happy, such as setting them free.

Trust me, I’ve been there and done that. I’ve experienced both sides!

What do you think?


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